The Weekly Sabbath
We Celebrate the Coming of the LORD JESUS in the Womb of Mary during this Festival of Lights,
that Jesus and the apostles called, "The Feast of Dedication", when 'God became flesh' in Mary,
and we remember Our Savior's Birth 9 Months from the Feast of Dedication at the Feast of Tabernacles.
We do not pluck up the faith of those who worship the Lord Jesus with pagan Christmas traditions,
less we "pluck up the wheat with the tares" and destroy the faith of some. 
Jesus said the wheat and the tares will grow together until He comes, so,
We bless those who love Jesus at this Blessed Time of year,
and shine the light of truth while we Worship the LORD JESUS Born in Bethlehem. 
What shall we do?  We keep the Miracle and Wonder of God With Us,
While Leaving Behind the Pagan Traditions carried into the church from Babylon.

Secular Holidays